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Compositeur Professeur de musique Musicologue

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Leticia CUEN

Puy-de-Dôme, France


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L. Cuen


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A poetic and sensitive musical universe

My music is, above all, emotions, feelings, sensations, memory and time.


Whenever I'm composing I 'switch the world off', I blend in with life and become part of something that I can't touch but I know it's there. In that precise moment, everything comes to me, like waves invading everything and nothing else exists but music.


Being a composer goes beyond practice or musical theory. It requires a creativity need, a deep insight, and to perceive the world first with sounds and rhythms as the essence of everything. It's a way to be, to decide and to feel. Apart from the tones and expressiveness of my music, I also compose because and above all I need to do it.


Sometimes the music just comes along, suddenly you know you have to write it before the silence take its place. Sometimes I can feel how it grows inside me, how it takes shape. Sometimes I can hear sparkles and music thunders that fly and then go away.


My music could be fleeting, or introspective, or passionate but must of all my music sings and reflects my most private world. My music designs my perception of the world and evokes my indescribable link between the being and the time.


Leticia Cuen, Mexican composer. She lives in France since late 2000.


She studied musical composition in Mexico City (ENM, UNAM).

Subsequently, she obtained her Ph.D. in Music History and Musicology at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne.


Leticia Cuen's musical pieces are performed regularly in Mexico, United States, Cuba, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Austria, Algeria, France and Canada. Her harp work is also part of the mandatory musical repertoire of competitions in Latin America. She is a member of SACEM in France.


For two years, and with the support of the city of Paris, she was composer in residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. She was professor at the National School of Music of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ENM, UNAM 2000-2002) and the Conservatoire de Romainville (2008-2013). Since 2012, she gives private lessons in the Puy-de-Dôme.


In 2007, the firm RT Classique launched the CD "Leticia Cuen : œuvres pour piano", performed by French pianist Maxime Hochart. Since 2010, she works closely with the Croatian pianist Lovro Pogorelich who carried out the world premiere of his Préludes pour piano (2nd cycle) within the festival "PagArtFestival 2011" (Croatia). Currently, she is composing other works for the french pianist Axel Lenarduzzi.